The Mother-Daughter Duo

Deve Real Estate is expanding! Distinguished South Florida real estate agent, Batscheba Deve’s latest joy has been watching her first born grow her entrepreneurial strength and add “realtor” to her list of professional prowesses. She proudly introduced her daughter Mya Hailey Deve to the team in April 2022.

“It is rewarding to see that my daughter trusts me,” Batscheba said, “And also has chosen to follow the road to professional freedom, which will enable a successful career while providing her with the time for her volunteer work and the liberty to explore the world.”

Batscheba is most proud of Mya’s determination to succeed, and her ability to balance her priorities and maintain her focus on what she truly believes in. Which of Mya’s qualities will be especially useful to the team? According to Batscheba, Mya’s meticulousness knows no bounds. She is confident that her daughter’s keen attention to detail, and ability to connect with people and adapt to each individual’s circumstance will provide their clients with stellar service. Customer experience is a priority that the pair shares.

As for Mya, she is looking forward to learning from her mentor and mom every day. “I hope to learn the ins and outs, and how to keep a positive attitude when things may not go my way,” she said.

Even though she is young, Mya believes that clients will unequivocally observe her industry adeptness, which she believes will be boosted by her mom’s oversight and mentorship. Batscheba looks forward to her daughter embracing her business model and experiencing the same long-lasting success that she has seen.

“Working with your bestie is a party everyday!” Batscheba continued. “I thoroughly enjoy watching Mya grow as a professional and as an amazing real estate ‘agen-Z’, as she loves to call herself. I am elated at this most recent milestone in my professional career. It’s a joy working with my daughter and teaching her at the same time. It is truly rewarding to watch her grow into the amazing professional that she is becoming.”

Batscheba Deve

For the last 20 years, Batscheba Deve has engendered credibility and noteworthy success as a realtor in the south Florida locale and beyond. Her achievements are built on the foundations of entrepreneurship and ambition, both of which she developed early on in life.

Mya Deve

Mya Deve is owning her brand as a revitalizing force on the real estate scene, making her mark as an adept Gen Z professional with a burgeoning career. Her fresh drive as a young entrepreneur fueled her foray into this new stage of her professional journey. 

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